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Photos only
Matted Photos
5 x 7
$15 $25 (8 x 10 mat)
8 x 10
$25 $35 (11 x 14 mat)
On this site you will find images from the 7th Annual Auto Show and Swap Meet at Robert Moses State Park. Images are available for purchase plain or matted. Sizes/prices are as follows: 5 x 7 image, photo only $15 each, 5 x 7 in an 8 x 10 mat $25 each. 8 x 12 image, photo only $25 each, 8 x 12 in an 11 x 14 mat $35 each. Mats are white and fit in standard frame sizes. Please email requests for purchases jsl@acadiastyle.comI will try my best to get all images up this week. I took over 1000 photos yesterday, so please be patient. Cars are named according to plate name, so feel free to browse and find your “baby”.